Treo Painkiller for Birds

Scandinavian pharmaceutical company McNeil is borrowing from 1950s Disney and Looney Tunes to promote Treo analgesic products. A classic love story, featuring English actor Blake Ritson and Swedish indie singer Lykke Li, is given a new twist with twittering birds animated by Fido Film in Stockholm.

Treo Birds

Treo’s provision of fast relief from headaches is showcased in the story of a young man stressed out at meeting his partner’s parents. As he walks through the door and greets her mother (Lykke’s actual mother) and father, Ritson’s character finds himself pestered by tiny animated birds. He heads to the bathroom to get some pain relief with an effervescent solution of Treo.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Birds was developed at Garbergs, Stockholm, by art director Lotta MÃ¥rlind, copywriters Sandra Beijer, Henning Wijkmark and agency producer Simon Hernadi.

Filming as shot by director Brian Lee Hughes via St Paul Film, Stockholm, with director of photography Hoyte Van Hoytema, producer Mattias Bengtsson, set designer Niklas Lund, editor Joakim Pietras. Visual effects were designed at Fido Film, Stockholm.

Sound was designed by Tobias Norman at Redpipe, Stockholm. Music was produced at Extreme Music and Honeymoon.