Travelers Umbrella Delivery Service

Travelers Insurance has launched a TV advertisement in which an insurance representative (played by Paul Freeman) travels with a 35-foot umbrella, coming to the rescue of people in need. Children caught in the rain, a circus troupe stranded at a ferry crossing, two children with broken down bicycles, and a business on Broadway Ave, all are helped out by the guy with the red umbrella. When you need it most, the umbrella is there.

Red Umbrella Man

The red umbrella was re-adopted by The Travelers Companies in 2007, acquired from Citigroup, who had picked up the umbrella logo during a merge with Travelers Insurance in 1998.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Travelers Insurance Delivery was designed at Fallon, Minneapolis, by executive creative director Al Kelly, creative director Todd Riddle, creative director/art director Scott O’Leary, creative director/copywriter Ryan Peck, head of broadcast Vic Palumbo and agency producer Kate Talbott.

Filming was shot in New Zealand by Rupert Sanders via MJZ, Los Angeles, with director of photography Christopher Soos, executive producer Eric Stern, line producers Laurie Boccaccio and Katie Smith, and production company Cherokee Films.

Editor was Bill Smedley via Spotwelders (Work Post) with executive producer David Glean, producer Lisa English and assistant editor Sterling Robertson.

Visual effects were designed at MassMarket, New York, by VFX creative director Cedric Nicholas Troyan, designer Mate Steinforth, lead Flame artist Jamie Scott, Flame artist Sarah Eim, VFX executive producers Justin Lane, Angela Bowen and Nancy Nina Hwang, 3D Lead technical director Jeffrey Dates, 3D Animators: Jonah Friedman, Rich Magan, Kris Rivel, trackers Joerg Liebold and Hyunjeen Lee, Roto artists Leslie Chung (lead), Alejandro Monzon, David Marte, Joon Park, Jordan Harvey.

Justin Lane, executive producer at MassMarket, said,”The biggest challenge, as with any effects job is to make the CG look as good as the live action element. For this spot we had scenes in which we would go from a real umbrella and then cut to a CG umbrella, so the texture, lighting and the way the material moved had to be spot on.”

Ride in Red Umbrella

Telecine was done at Company 3 by colorist Sean Coleman.

Music was composed by Robert Miller via Stimmung, produced by Joey Reyes with engineer Michael Golub. Sound was designed by Ren Klyce at Mit Out Sound with producer Misa Kageyama. Sound was mixed by Tom Jucarone at Sound Lounge.