Toyota Yaris with Big Ideas

With all of Toyota’s big ideas in one small car, the Toyota Yaris is clever enough to be almost anything. That’s the line taken an advertising campaign in Australia, featuring the little car trying hard to be a bob sled and a jet plane.

Toyota Yaris on aircraft carrier

The new little car, despite its size, features ABS, VVT-i engine, MP3, up to 7 airbags and up to 25 storage compartments. However, will these features make it possible to complete a Bobsled race or fly off the deck of an aircraft carrier?


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Aircraft Carrier

Is there perhaps a connection with the disappearance of Top Gear’s Black Stig over the side of the HMS Invincible? (see at YouTube)

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The Big Ideas campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, Sydney, by executive creative director Steve Back, art director Eron Broughton, copywriter Steve May, agency producer Ali Grant.

Filming was shot by director Christopher Riggert via Radical Media with producer Julian Shelton.

Post production was done at The LAB, Sydney.

Sound was designed at Nylon Studios.

  • Lawrence

    Personally I really love the new commercials. They don’t air the ads here in Canada but I can see that many people will enjoy it here too.

    I find that the automotive commercials, in particular, the Toyota ones here in North America tend to be really boring and no injection of creativity has been put into it.

    To sum it up, those commercials here feature the car driving around on either:

    -busy city
    -highway/winding roads

    Narrator reading out the features, advantages and benefits of the car

    End off commercial with the company’s logo. I’m sure many has seen some form of what I’ve described.

    In an era of clutter, we need something to stand out.