Toyota RAV4 Get Outdoors

Toyota Australia is promoting the RAV4 sports utility vehicle in a “Get Outdoors” campaign, launched with a series of five fifteen second television commercials. The ads are somewhat wacky, but are likely to appeal to Australians who are just waiting for a good excuse to get out of indoor living. The Get Outdoors campaign uses fear of the indoors to motivate Australians to overcome their fear of the outdoors. Five secret fears are played out with the tag line, “Bad things happen indoors”.

Get Outdoors Chef ad

Vacuum Cleaner

A young man vacuuming his apartment stops to find out why the vacuum cleaner isn’t working. Suddenly the tube becomes unclogged and sucks onto his eyeball.


A man prepares for a relaxing soak in a spa (jacuzzi) but is totally turned off when he finds a disgusting used plaster stuck to his face.


A young couple kiss passionately as they enter the bedroom. When the woman pushes her lover on the spring loaded bed it quickly swings up, trapping him inside. No more fun!


A man steps on a tin of paint to reach for something on a cluttered shelf in his garage. He loses his footing and pulls not only the equipment but the whole shelf down on him.


One of our greatest fears about eating out is brought to life in this clip. A chef drops a hamburger pattie on the floor, but rather than throw it away he just flips it onto the bun and serves it up to his unsuspecting clients.


The Get Outdoors campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, Sydney, by executive creative director Steve Back, copywriter Michael Barnfield and Iggy Rodriguez, art directors Myles Allpress and Justin Carew, agency producer Julia Jackson, group business director Ben Court, buinsess director Zoie Bache.

Filming was shot by director Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films, with producer Kate Sawyer, executive producer Jonathan Samway and director of photography Peter Eastgate.

Editor was Adam Wills. Post production was done at FSM.