Toyota Prado on Banana Leaf

Toyota promoted the 4WD Prado in Colombia, South America, encouraging readers to keep in touch with nature. Banana plants produce one crop before being recycled. The Leo Burnett team bought banana leaves, most nearly 6.5 feet long, from the biggest banana producers in the country. Each leaf provided material for eight screen printed advertisements for insertion in Colombian magazine Semana. The process had to be completed within five days, before the leaves started to dry out. The banana leaf advertisements went to 25,000 magazine subscribers in Bogota and Medelin.

Toyota Prada on Banana Leaf

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Click on the image below to play the behind-the-scenes video.


The Banana Leaves campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Colombia by creative director Rodrigo Dávilla and Mauricio Rocha, creative director/copywriter Otavio Schiavon, and creative director/art director Carlos Murad.

Toyota Prada on Banana Leaf

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