Toyota Kissing Teens

Quebec Toyota dealers are asking Canadian drivers to conserve fuel by driving only as much as possible. That’s the focus of “Kissing Teens”, in which two teens meet up in a car time and time again.

Toyota Kissing Teens

“When you have a Toyota you only drive it when you really need it. Spend a little. Do more.” “Quand on a une Toyota on l’utlise eulement quand on en a besoin.”

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The Kissing spot was developed for Quebec Toyota Dealers Association at Bleublancrouge, Montréal, by creative director Gaëtan Namouric, creatives Mélanie Delisle and Marc Guilbault, agency producer Lisa Arduini, client service team Nicolas Van Erum, Christiane Rochon, and Ginette Girard.

Filming was shot by director Emmanuel Hoss-Desmarais via Quatre Zero Un, Montreal. Music was performed by Eleni Mandell.