Toyota Aurion V6 Game Changers

Toyota is launching the new Aurion V6 in Australia with a series of television advertisements known as the Game Changers, a follow up to the Make Your Move of 18 months ago.

Toyota Aurion Game Changer image

The campaign focuses on three innovations from the sporting world that have changed the game in their fields: the Thruster, the Big Bertha, and the Superbike. The three thirty second ads will be supplemented by two-to-five-minute mini documentaries.

The Thruster Surfboard

The third fin that turned the world of surfing on its head, was developed by Sydney surfboard designer Simon Anderson.

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The Big Bertha

The Big Bertha driver, the metal driver that turned the world of golf on its head, was developed for Californian company Callaway Golf by billiard cue designer, Richard C. Helmstetter. Jeff Cotton, Senior VP, tells the story.

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The Olympic Superbike

Associate professor Lachlan Thompson, aerospace engineer at RMIT in Melbourne, gives some of the background to the development of more aerodynamic bicycles.

The Superbike project started by accident in 1992, before the Barcelona Olympics. Lachlan Thompson, who specialises in aerodynamics, was setting up a photo session to contrast the cutting edge technology of a jet fighter with the antique technology of a bicycle. However, the cycling model failed to arrive. So Thompson went into Swanston Street, Melbourne and spotted a young woman cyclist. The cyclist was Kathy Watt, an Australian champion. In return for doing the photoshoot, Thompson offered to put Watt in the RMIT wind tunnel to check the aerodynamics of her bike and riding position.

And so the project started…

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The Game Changers campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, Sydney.

According to Simone Bartley, CEO at Saatchi & Saatchi, “The Make Your Move Campaign succeeded where so many before had failed. It emboldened V6 drivers to challenge their loyalty and make the move away from Holden and Ford.

“Game Changers does more than continue on a theme; it firmly establishes a new language within what is an otherwise tired category and gives Australian V6 buyers a serious and intelligent alternative.”