Tipp-Ex Made A Mistake

CNA Stores in South Africa has used a print advertising campaign to promote Tipp-Ex, the white-out liquid, as the way to turn back time. The ads feature a bride who’s about to marry the wrong guy, a teenage mother with her baby, and a guy who’s regretting his one night stand. A clever concept, but somewhat disturbing. The tag line on the Tipp-Ex bottle, “To Be, Or Not To Be, That is the Question”, when applied to people, is bordering on chilling.

Tipp-Ex bride

Tipp-Ex teenage mom

Tipp-Ex one night stand


The Tippex campaign was developed at The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, executive creative director Graham Victor Warsop, creative director Tom Cullinan, art director Dana Cohen, illustrator Wayne Troskie and photographer Michael Meyersfeld.