Tiger Beer Far East Export from Singapore

Tiger Beer, the international brand based in Singapore, launched an outdoor advertising campaign in the UK in March reflecting the brand’s Far Eastern heritage. Three illustrated posters, hand illustrated by Yuko Shimuzo, evoke a feeling of nostalgia for the Singapore of the 1930s, a reference to the origins of Tiger Beer in 1932. Simuzo’s style here is based on traditional woodblock printing of the Far East. The ships are piled high with crates of our precious Tiger and warn people off scaling the sides of the ships to reach the bottles on board.

“The Far East’s Most Desirable Export Since 1932”. “Cargo is securely locked. Crew have no access to keys”. “Warning – Anti climbing paint”. “No Tiger Beer left onboard overnight”.

Tiger Beer on ship Securely Locked

Tiger Beer on ship Anticlimb paint
Tiger Beer on ship Securely Locked


The Tiger Beer Far East campaign was developed at CHI and Partners, London, by executive creative director Ewan Paterson, creative directors Ed Edwards and Dave Masterman, creatives Matt Collier and Wayne Robinson, with typographer Kylie McLean and illustrator Yuko Shimuzu.