Tide puts stains back where they belong

Tide, the laundry detergent, was promoted in India as the product that puts stains back where they belong in this series of magazine advertisements. Post it glue was used to give the impression that lipstick, icecream and tomato sauce from a hotdog had stuck to the shirts of people on the opposite page. By the time the page was opened however the stains were back on the lipstick, icecream and hotdog.

Tide hotdog ad with glue

Tide detergent ad with lipstick stain

Tide detergent ad with hotdog sauce stain

Tide detergent ad with icecream stain


The Tide campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Mumbai, by executive creative director/copywriter/art director Santosh Padhi, creative director/copywriter KV Sridhar, account supervisors Tahira Nath, Chetan Rao, advertiser’s supervisor Pratima Chandra, photographer Amol Jadhav, retoucher Bhushan Patil, and production head Nitin Dighe.

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