The Wombats Is This Christmas?

The Wombats, an indie band from Liverpool, have released a music video for their seasonal release, “Is This Christmas?”, featuring comedian Les Dennis. The song, released as a dowloadable single on December 15, will be one of the contenders for the competitive race to the number one Christmas spot in the UK. Les Dennis features in the music video as the father of Wombat band members Matthew Murphy, Daniel Haggis and Tord Øverland-Knudsen, as well as providing the spoken-word introduction.

The Wombats Is This Christmas?

The video to Is This Christmas? was recorded in London in a house filled with tinsel and other festive decorations. The turkey being eaten in the video had to be defrosted in the bath to speed things up as the band ran out of time. They were all a bit worried about the consequences, but no one was ill, thankfully. Proceeds from the single will go towards the Christmas of MENCAP, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities.


Filming was shot by director thirtytwo (Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace) via Pulse Films with producer Sarah Tognazzi and director of photography Ed Rutherford.


Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
except for… a wombat?

Can you hear the sleigh bells coming around the bend?
Here comes our darkest end,
Christmas is here.

It’s about nights extending into the overdraft
To scrape out what is left at the end of the year.

Turn back to the future
Oh f… I’ve seen it before
maybe every year and more
It’s great but not again

“What’s that burning! What’s that burning?”, my mum shrieks down
while she’s touching up her brow for when the family arrive.

And the red wine plummets down and we should all be in our beds
but it’s right wing versus left til the wings fall off our heads.


And is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas, my dear?

Is this Christmas?
Is this Christmas?
Whatever happened to our festive cheer?

I can hear the sleigh bells coming around the bend
Here comes our darkest end
Christmas is here

And the ice burns up the hill until we all lose our feet
Though it never really snows it’s more like horizontal sleet


Don’t you just love Christmas!
Everybody loves Christmas!
Everyone it’s Christmas!