The Pigeon Detectives Everybody Wants Me

The Pigeon Detectives from Leeds, UK, has released a visual effects laden music video for their single, “Everybody Wants Me”, from their album, ‘Emergency’. The music video features photographs edited together with live action to portray the everyday life of the singer’s love interest.

Scene from Pigeon Detectives music video Everybody Wants Me

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Filming was shot by David Mullett via RSA Films/Black Dog with director of photography Ben Moulden and producer Rupert Style.

Post production was done at Glassworks, London by Flame lead Diego Vazquez Lozano, R&D Peter Reilly, 3D artists Diego Vazquez Lozano, Peter Reilly, Adam Cubitt, and producer Katie O’Mahoney.

Filming is described by Glassworks as a “one-shot, technique-driven piece”. The Glassworks team edited together the 3:30 minute music video from 45 hours of HD shot footage sourced from 6 different cameras running simultaneously. The R&D team was developed an XSI plug-in to load the finished Flame scene and turn the tiles into photo models to then have dynamics such as gravity applied to them to achieve a truly random placement of the stacks on the floor.