The Paper Baron Online

Defence Jobs in Australia is recruiting for the Air Force Reserves with The Paper Baron, an online game in which players throw a paper dart as far as they can.

The Baron paper dart with Fuel Plane

The dart can be manoeuvred to a certain extent with up and down arrows, and is boosted by contact with fuel planes and the updrafts from volcanoes. Clouds, however, are a problem. Inevitably the plane nose dives and a message comes up, “You need training”.

The Baron paper dart with Fuel Plane

The game’s release comes in the same year as the movie, The Red Baron, the story of German World War I fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen. It is believed by many that von Richthofen was killed by Sergeant Cedric Popkin, machine gunner with the Australian 24th Machine Gun Company.


The Paper Baron game was developed at George Patterson Y&R by creative director Ben Coulson, art director Paul Meates, copywriter Vanilla Stener, sculptor Lewis Allen, photographer Donna Stevens, designers Karl Blankley and Julian Frost. The site was produced at Visual Jazz.

The game is one more in the game suite at Defence Job Games.

The Baron paper dart with Fuel Plane