The Law Accordion to Hanson Bridgett

Hanson Bridgett, a mid-sized law firm in San Francisco, has lanched a YouTube channel with a viral video featuring accordion players and drummers. Watch and enjoy the Hanson Bridgett lawyers and staff walking down Market Street in Lederhosen and knee-highs demonstrating the connection between Zydeco, Polka, Norteno and and law.

Legal accordions from Hanson Bridgett ad

“We examined the viral video medium and quickly recognized it was a great way to reach a new generation of people,” says Managing Partner Andrew Giacomini, who played the bass drum in the video. “In looking at the medium, we quickly recognized that it was not appropriate for traditional law firm messaging but would require something completely different. In making our movie, we called on the creative skills of people who work here, including local film maker Dave Burns.”

Giacomini in particular desires pervasive distribution of the video because “I want people all over the world to see me in Lederhosen.”


Filming was directed by David Burns from Groove24 Productions (Facebook and MySpace). Music was composed and performed by Dave Burns, Miguel Govea and Dave Miller.

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