The Economist in Five Posters

The Economist, is an English-language weekly news and international affairs magazine/newspaper edited in London. Recent print advertising for the publication assures readers of the consistent quality found within, using a tree and roots (Balance), a vending machine for toys (rubbish) and a clown-shaped balloon (Cloud Cuckoo Land). Five posters, in black, red and white have been launched in the London Underground, in railway stations, around selected Waitrose supermarkets and in black cabs, as well as press ads in magazine supplements in quality weekend newspapers including the Guardian, Independent and Sunday Times.
“Balance. A story falls down without it.”

Balance at The Economist

“Water. Food. Perspective. Fresh is always best.”

Perspective at The Economist

“If you find rubbish in the Economist it’s because there’s an extremely interesting story about rubbish.”

Rubbish not at The Economist

“Stories can come from Thailand, Greenland and Swaziland, but never Cloud Cuckoo Land.”

Cloud Cuckoo Land not at The Economist

“The world should be your oyster, not a clam.”

Oyster at The Economist


The Economist campaign was developed at AMV BBDO by brand communications manager Caroline Breakwell with executive creative director Paul Brazier, copywriters Mark Fairbanks and Tom Riley, art director Paul Cohen, illustrators Paul Davis (Oyster and Cloud Cuckoo Land) and Anthony Burrill (Perspective and Rubbish). The Balance image was illustrated at Non Format.