The Day Before in the Cape Times

Cape Times in South Africa put together a series of print advertisements in 2007 linking historical events with their coverage. Each photograph presents what may have happened the day before significant events, the bombing of Hiroshima (Sunday 5 August 1945), the assasination of JFK (Thursday 25 November 1963), the Soweto Uprising (Tuesday 15 June 1976), the 94 Elections (Tuesday 26 April 1994), the fall of the Berlin Wall (Wednesday 8 November 1989), and September 9/11 (Monday 10, September 2001). The text for each, “The world can change in a day. Don’t miss your daily edition of in-depth news.”

Cape Times Hiroshima print ad

Cape Times Soweto Uprising print ad

Cape Times 911 print ad

Cape Times Berlin Wall print ad

Cape Times 1994 Elections print ad

Cape Times JFK and family print ad

The Kennedy picture was taken on October 10th, 1962, according to the “An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy” by Robert Dallek. Photography was by Cecil Stoughton. Kennedy children visit the Oval Office. President Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr. White House, Oval Office, 1962.


The Day Before campaign was developed at Lowe Bull, Cape Town, by creative director Kirk Gainsford, head of copy Alistair Morgan, art director Brian Bainbridge, copywriter Simon Lotze and account manager Lindsay Keen.