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Today’s Site of the Day is The Chip Shop Awards,, an international creative contest with a difference, fostering and recognising creativity with no boundaries no rules. The latest awards were presented as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

The Chip Shop Awards site

Normal awards schemes can be difficult for people starting out in the industry, with a need to show minimum media spend, dates that the work ran, proof that your client approved it. In some cases people have broken the rules to get their work recognised. The Chip Shop Awards is set up to award ‘Chips’ and ‘Vinegars’ for work that doesn’t fit the normal categories.

The Awards scheme has its origins in the 1980s, when Andy Cheetham and Tony Veasey, two young creatives based in Manchester, England, were desperate to establish their reputation as serious advertising creatives. They were keen to win awards but were short on clients. They came up with idea of doing brilliant creative work for a client for free, promoting the services of Barnacles Fish & Chip Shop in Llandudno, the north of Wales, owned by Andy’s mother. They won awards at the D&AD Awards, the Campaign Awards and the Roses Awards.

Barnacles Fish & Chips Don't Give a ForkBarnacles Last Supper print advertisement

Now the Chip Shop Awards offers creatives or wannabe creatives the chance to demonstrate the strength of their ideas – without the need to follow any rules. The CSA is all about ideas. Your work does not have to have been broadcast, printed or mailed. You do not even have to have the client. You just have to have a great idea.

Grand Prix (Blackened Chip) this year was award to the National Galleries of Scotland for their Warhol Can Columns. The Chairman’s Award was given to Lake for “Good Job” for Jim the Window Cleaner.

Warhol Can Columns

The rest of the awards are a mixture of conventional and unexpected….

Best Consumer Ad or Campaign, Best Print Advertisement, Best Business to Business Advertisement, Best Outdoor Advertisement, Best Charity Advertisement, Best Work for A Relative or Friend, Best Work for a Brand you Haven’t a Hope of Winning, Best Work for A Client You Have but Hfven’t a Hope of Running, Reject of the Year, Best Use of Bad Taste, Best Piece of Direct Mail, Best Packaging Design/Point of Sale, Best Use of a Shop Window Postcard Space, Best Use of Plagiarism, Best Use of Shocking Copy, Best Non-PC, Best Ambient Media, Best Campaign to Become Viral, and Invent Your Own Category.

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