The Chemical Brothers Elektrobank Gymnastics

Being the Olympics season, with gymnastics back in fasion, it’s time again for viewing the Chemical Brothers Elektrobank music video. The music video shows 26 year old actress Sofia Coppola playing the part of a young gymnast who must overcome competition and the limiations imposed by an injured ankle to win gold. Apparent disaster is overcome as her mother arrives on the scene.

Sofia Coppola with ribbon in Elektrobank music video

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was shot by Spike Jonze, who was to be the future husband (and ex husband) of Sofia Coppola). Vocals were performed by Keith Murray from Def Squad. Elektrobank was a single taken from the 1997 album Dig Your Own Hole.

Sofia Coppola with coach in Elektrobank music video


The main lyric used in the music video…

Who is this doin’ this synthetic type
of alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?