The Ad Song Made from Ads

Here’s a mash-up made from recent advertisements from Australia, UK and USA, posted on YouTube yesterday. Music comes from the VB Symphony, Libra Guitar and Axe Bom Chika Wah Wah, with visuals from Cadbury Gorilla, Bonds, Bigpond Great Wall of China, Jim Beam Girlfriend, Libra Boyfriend, Bundaberg Bear Red Sock, ANZ Mortgage Spelling Bee, Bankwest Sunflower, Solo and A Half, Heinz Christine, Yellow Pages Not Happy Jan, All Bran Malicious Jan, Panasonic Aliens, Snickers Mr T, Dove Individidual Chocumentaries, Thrifty Birthday Surprise, Foxtel, Dominos Dancing Chicken, iiNet DSL Man. What have we missed? And who’s TheBaronMan, mixer extraordinaire?

Drummer in The Ad Song

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  • Richard

    this is so incredibly sad.

    what kind of nerd pops this shit out?

  • Richard

    get a girlfriend should have been in there.