The Academy Is In Big Mess Music Video

The Academy Is, an alternative rock group from Chicago, produced a music video for “We’ve Got a Big Mess on Our Hands”, the first single by from the 2007 album, Santi.

William Beckett and mirror in The Academy Is music video

The music video features lead singer William Beckett and his violent alter ego. The promo begins with Beckett being attacked by his reflection in the mirror. The violence continues on the street as the doppelganger his doppelganger out of his apartment. There’s a cross reference to the Fall Out Boy music video, Thnks fr th Mmrs, as Beckett talks on the phone to Pete Wentz, who’s having his makeup done by a monkey. (Same production team for both music videos). Beckett continues to be frustrated by his shadow’s abuse of his bank account, his friends and even his live performance. It all must end.

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The Big Mess was directed by Alan Ferguson at Anonymous Content, with director of photography Shawn Kim, executive producer Sheira Rees Davies and producer Jacquie Frisco.

Editing was done at CompanyX, New York, by Megan Brennan with assistant editor Dave Madden, executive producer Rachelle Way.

Sound was designed at Sugarbox, New York, by Megan Brennan and mixed by Jeff Slutz.

Post production was done at Artichoke, New York, by online editor Tim Hutchings.