Tetley Red Tea from Africa

Tetley Red Tea from Africa is given the blood in the water treatment by Sehsucht, the same motion design team behind the ‘Symphony in Red’ for Konzerthaus Dortmund.

Tetley Red Tea Elephants

A Tetley Red teabag steeped in boiling water brings out the swirls and designs associated with African themes, elephants, village huts and Victoria Falls, while African tribal music plays in the background. accompanied by African tribal music.

The ad is linked with an interactive site: TetleyRed.ca

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Tetley Red was developed at john st., Toronto, by creative directors Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker, art director Donald Vann, copywriter Gerald Kugler, agency producer Dale Giffen.

Filming/animation was shot by German studio Sehsucht via The Ebeling Group, New York, with creative director Christopher Hewitt, executive producer Dex Deboree, TEG producer David Marcellino, and Sehsucht producer Jens Monske.

Original music was composed by Grayson Matthews, Toronto.

  • Margaret Austin

    Was the music for the Tetley Red Tea ad created for the ad or was it purchased? It is so beautiful and I would like find this piece as well as the artist’s other work on a CD. I’m sure you’re going to be deluged with requests, it’s a moving piece and I believe the whole ad portrays exactly the feeling that you were were aiming for. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much,
    Margaret, Victoria, BC

  • Suzanne

    I too would love to get the music from this commercial if available on cd. I love it!!!

  • Rho

    PLEASE post the music origins – I am trying to track the artist(s)

  • Tristan

    Hello there. I just love this piece of music also. I was hoping you would be able to tell me who it is by or the name of this piece. I believe it to be one of the best african origin pieces. Beautiful and inspirational. If you could spare any information it would me much apretiated. Thank you Very much.


  • Shauna-Kay Cassell

    This is the first time I have seen a commercial that is so captivating to watch. It is so deep and so rich and filled with culture and meaning. Now when I’m drinking my Tetley tea bag I will always remember that commercial.God, it is so original, it’s like watching a piece of travel ad about going to Africa or a musical piece for a movie- then you realized that it is about tea- a reminder that tea can be as enriching as well. Great job on creating the best commercial on t.v ever!

    Shauna-Kay Cassell

  • harth binger

    bloody tampon

  • June Burgess

    I use several of Tetley’s teas. The Red Tea is a favourite. I am captivated by the music in the commercial. I would like to be able to purchase a cd or something by the same artists.

  • Ingrid Dickson

    Did anyone find out if there’s a CD ????

  • incognito

    grayson matthews created the music – i want to know what the lyrcs translate to – whos got that?

  • Elias Huch

    Does anyone know how they got the effect? I would love to do something like this, but am baffled at how they made it happen?

  • Michelle

    hey is there any way i can get the music to this comercial?

  • The culture and idea of it is nice.
    But seriously, it’s gross.

  • Marta

    I think this ad is very well done and honestly to those who have said it’s gross…get your minds out of the gutter because in the context it’s meant to be in, it is a wonderful ad.

  • Jan

    This is one of the most beautiful commercials I have ever seen. I have never thought of a commercial as being beautiful, but in this case it is, and whoever come up with the idea should receive a reward. It is beautiful!

  • Gerry White

    Please let me know where I can locate or download the music…..I’ve tried Grayson Matthews and African Tribal music and cannae find it……..au secours….Gerry

  • Aaron Clark

    My 6 month old son stops everthing when that commercial comes and and is so focused on the TV. I am not sure if it is the sound or the visual, but I think they could be onto something for infant/toddler entertainment. Dare I say the new Baby Einstein!?

  • Gail

    I would love to find out how to get this music.

  • Michael Abbott

    I’ve contacted the website where the music author’s website at: http://www.graysonmatthews.com

    There’s a “Contact us” link in the grey border along the bottom. Send an e-mail to them, like I did, expressing your gratitude with the commercial and the music, and add your request to have them release a longer, public version of the music.

    I suggested iTunes or something.. I’d WILLINGLY pay to download this soul-moving song.

  • Naveen

    I love this commercial it is so inspiring to me it gives you hope and Iam sure this commercial has risen spirits abroad. I was just curious is this song available as a ring tone for my phone, that would be cool.

  • Linda

    The first time I heard this lovely music, I thought it was for a CD. I too, stop everything to listen to the music, and the amazing video that accompanies it.

    It almost makes me want to try a herbal tea.

  • Rob Melamed

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Rob Melamed and, as an employee of Grayson Matthews, I wrote the music for this commercial.

    This song was written specifically as a 30 second piece of music, and unfortunately there are no plans of making a full song out of it.

    Thank you all for your kind words and compliments!!


  • Mel

    The music in this commercial is unbelievable!

    Rob you should totally make it into a longer track – I would buy it:-)