Terry Tate Returns for US Elections

Terry Tate, known for his shock appearances in support of Reebok in 2002, is back and he’s not happy. The linebacker has something to say to Sarah Palin as well as any American who was thinking about staying away from the voting booth in November. The character, played by former NFL player Lester “Mighty Rasta” Speight, reprises his role of literally tackling anybody who’s out of line. The Terry Tate Returns campaign appears to be focused on getting apathetic voters to register, pointing them to the Google USA Elections site. There is a strong risk, however, that the stunts featuring Sarah Palin could offend the sensibilities of those concerned about violence against women. The spots are hosted on Funny or Die and online at returnofterrytate.com.

Terry Tate approves this message

Terry Tate returns

In “From Russia With Love” Sarah Palin is explaining what she meant by citing Alaska’s proximity to Russia as her qualification in foreign policy. When Katie Couric seems reluctant to tackle Palin, Terry Tate does the job.

In “Reading is Fundamental” Sarah Palin is avoiding a question about which newspapers and magazines she read before being tapped for the Vice Presidential nomination. When she’s slow to get to details, in comes Terry Tate. Tate’s rant includes the line, “You just got a weekly subscription to the Journal of Pain and the first instalment is free!”

“Get Out The Vote”, the third Terry Tate election special, is set in the familiar office environment. An office worker stands at the water cooler telling his workmates that he limits his voting to American Idol. Instead of voting at lunch time he’s updating his Facebook profile.

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