Telstra We Are One Again

Telstra is back again with the “We Are Australian” song. Two television commercials have been released over the last weeks, one for the Olympics and one as a more generic branding spot. For more on the origins of the “We Are Australian” campaign see our earlier post, Telstra Sings I Am Australian.

Hair Salon staff and clients watch Olympics on Telstra phone


The 2008 Beijing Olympics Games ad connects Channel 7’s coverage of the games with Telstra’s live streaming to Telstra Next G™ mobile phones.

Backed by a fresh recording of the “I am Australian’ soundtrack, by Sydney band The Botanics, the ad shows every day Australians connecting with one another and their favourite sports through the devices held in the palms of theirs hands. At the same time, Telstra is said to be bringing Australians closer to everyone and everything important to them, bringing Australia closer to the rest of the world, and bringing Australian athletes closer to their Olympic dreams.

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New Birth

This ad, with Katie Noonan singing “We Are Australian”, features a story line around the birth of a child, with strong themes of bringing people together, pride in Australia, appreciating diversity and racial harmony.

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The Telstra Olympics ad was developed at Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney, by executive creative director Bruce Matchett, senior art director Scott Hopkin, senior copywriter Laurence Cronin, director of TV George Saada, business director Nathan Hodges, senior account director Roberta MacDonald.

Filming was shot by Peter Maguire via Plush Films with director of photography Danny Ruhlmann.

Sound and music were designed at Song Zu by Nathan Cavaleri.

Behind the Scenes

Telstra appears to have embraced the YouTube medium with more enthusiasm than in the past. Included on the Telstra channel is this ‘making-of’ video, which gives plenty of imagery but little information about the people behind the campaign.

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