Telstra CDMA Shutdown on January 28

Telstra is shutting down its CDMA mobile phone network tomorrow, January 28. To prepare customers to make the switch over to the 3G digital network, Telstra commissioned a TV ad featuring Peer Gynt’s In the Hall of the Mountain King, showing the disappearance of numbers 6 to 27.

Football jersey loses number 10

An alarm clock loses a 6. A 7 melts off a business card. 80 on an odometer becomes 0. A keyboard loses a 9. A football jersey drops a 10. The mailbox for number 11 loses identification. We see the 12 and 13 fly off a courier van’s number plate and advertised phone number. Floors 14, 15 and 16 disappear in a lift. A supermarket loses aisle 17. An 18th birthday party loses two helium filled balloons. A bingo hall’s number 19 becomes unidentifiable. A child watches the 2 and 0 fridge magnets lose their grip. Hotel rooms 21 and 22 send their numbers down the stairwell. Flo’s Florist loses the 23 from her mobile phone number. The neon sign goes out above a 24 hours a day bar. Bus number 25 goes without a number. A hotel loses its street number. Classic Hits 82.7 FM becomes just 8 FM.

“Don’t let your number get away. Upgrade your CDMA mobile now to the Telstra Next G network. Remember the CDMA network is planned to close on January 28 ”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Shutdown ad was developed at George Patterson Y&R Brisbane, by executive creative director Andrew Wareham, creative director Tim Green, art directors Simon Budzevski and Lindsay Thomson, copywriter Andrew Bird, and agency producer Tamyson Power.

Filming was shot by director Liz Murphy via Taxi Film Production, Brisbane, with producer Andrew Wareham. Post production was done at Cutting Edge, Brisbane.

January 28