Teen Drug Abuse at Home

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is working with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy to launch a major advertising campaign warning parents about the dangers of drug abuse in the home.

Drug dealer in prescription drug warning ad

The campaign will be launched with a 30 second TV ad during the 2008 Super Bowl game, the first White House spot there in four years. The TV ad campaign will be supplemented by newspaper ads and messages on bags used by pharmacists to dispense prescription bags.

Drug Dealer Testimonial

A drug dealer complains that his business is down because teens are getting high from abusing drugs in the medicine cabinet. The voiceover says, “Teens don’t need a drug dealer to get high, safeguard your prescriptions. Safeguard your teens”.

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All My Drugs

A teenager talks to the camera about the prescription drugs in his lunch box at school. They’ve been prescribed for post natal depression, sciatica, hysterectomy recovery, the pain from a hip replacement. For teens getting drugs can be easy as opening your medicine cabinet.

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While overall teen drug use is in steady decline nationwide, an alarmingly high number of teens are abusing medicines to get high. Recent studies by the Partnership, the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future Study and others, indicate that more teens abuse prescription drugs than any other illicit drug, except marijuana— more than cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine combined. In the Partnership’s annual tracking study, one in five teenagers reported abusing a prescription pain medication, and the same number report abuse of a prescription stimulant or tranquilizer.

Teenager with drugs in prescription drug warning ad


Drug Dealer Testimonial was developed at Draft FCB, New York, by chief creative officer Chris Becker, creative director Keith Ross, art director Daniel Prado, copywriters Claudio Lima and Rob Rooney, director of broadcast production Andrew Chinich, and executive producer Kelly Fagan.

All My Pills was developed at Draft FCB, New York, by chief creative officer Chris Becker, creative director Keith Ross, creative director/art director James Mochnsky, copywriter Henry Mathieu.

Filming for both spots was shot by director Renny Maslow via Smuggler. Editor was JJ Lask at PS 260. Sound was designed at Pirate, New York.

The two spots can be downloaded in mpg format from Draft FCB.

via Ad Age and Partnership for a Drug Free America

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