Tasmania Bigger Than Australia

Tourism Tasmania is riding the back of Tourism Australia’s connection with the Australia movie, with a competing movie campaign, online at today’s site of the day, www.tasmaniathemovie.com.

Tasmania The Movie

Earlier this year Tourism Australia invited the whole Australian tourism industry to get on-board with the launch of Baz Luhrman’s Australia and develop activities to support and complement Tourism Australia’s own marketing efforts around the movie. Tourism Australia rose to the challenge and came up with their own movie promotion, “Bigger Than Australia”, launched in the same fashion as a movie premiere, in newspapers, on television, in theatres, on the movie site and on Facebook.

As audiences line up in theatres to see Australia, they are being greeted by posters for ‘Tasmania The Movie’ and then once in their seats by a spoof trailer.

The Trailer

In a world where nature rules and mountains climb into the clouds. In this mystical world one man dared. He dared to explore, to seek the truth. He dared to take his wife…

Click on the image below to play the video.

The microsite has all the features of a typical film launch, including director’s commentary (not serious), trailers, image galleries (serious) and how to visit Tasmania (very focused).

Tasmania’s Minister for Tourism, Michelle O’Byrne, provides the official explanation…

“While fully supporting the marketing drive by Tourism Australia, we thought there was a great opportunity to tell the big story Tasmania has to offer – a story which is perhaps even bigger than Australia. The marketing campaign will echo Australia’s themes of transformation, adventure and incredible landscapes, but focuses on Tasmania as a unique destination in itself, where visitors can eat, drink and explore in a world where nature rules. While the innovative marketing campaign is expected to capture a lot of attention, it is also designed to convert the interest it generates into actual holidays to Tasmania. Our intention was to take advantage of the excitement created by the movie with humour and cheeky Aussie wit. We also wanted to remind the world that Tasmania is still part of Australia and one of the country’s most appealing tourism destinations.”


The Bigger Than Australia campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Sydney by executive creative directors Jay Benjamin and Andy DiLallo, creative team Rupert Taylor, Dave Ladd, Corey Young, Andres Fabian, online team Jonathon Mo, Kieran Ots, Tip Gloria, account management team Peter Fitzhardinge, Jodi McLeod, Annabelle Morris, and strategist Kirsty Angus.

The production team included Patrick Fileti, Rita Gagliardi and Dominic Locher.

Tasmania The Movie Poster