Tall Jan in Kelloggs All Bran

Kellogg’s Australia is promoting All Bran Honey Almond breakfast cereal in the office with a TV featuring Tall Jan. Is this an indication of out of control heightism in the office? In a scene that could easily have appeared in the UK and US TV series, The Office, an office clerk tucks into a bowl of All Bran, much to the surprise of his work mate. “All Bran It’s Delicious”, he says. Up pops Jan from behind the screen. “Tall Jan is malicious?” If the cap fits wear it!

Tall Jan in the office


Kelloggs All Bran Tall Jan was dreamed up at JWT Sydney by group head Ben O’Brien, executive creative directors Andy DiLallo and Jay Benjamin, copywriter Rob Kleckner, art director Dan Oliva, account team Paul Spriggs and Frances Hockin, and agency producer Amanda Slatyer.

Filming was shot by director Robin Walters via Curious Film, Sydney. Editor was Danny Tait. Sound was produced at Nylon Studios.

All Bran in the office

  • Matt

    This ad literally makes me wish my TV was a person so I could kick it in the groin.

    When you say “Dreamed up” do you mean “Copied the other crappy ad with a car and some hokem about killer wasps?”

    Seriously, as so-called creatives these people should be ashamed of themselves.

    The only ray of light in the ad is the blonde pudgy fellow who has an excellent face for comedy. Get him in some more things. No, I have never met him.

  • Patrice

    Tall Jan is delicious! This ad is absolutely beyond hilarious and all the employees of the 3 network australia are obsessed with it. matt, you’re nothing more than a TV sourpuss. Leave me to enjoy my mindless comedy!

  • Matt French

    Sorry Patricia, but if you think this ad is “beyond hilarious” then I have a feeling that you would be the kind of woman in the office who still says “Not happy, Jan” and then laughs like a lobotimised hyena at her herself.

    The fact that I actually use the 3 network makes me worry.

    Again, this ad is a copy of a copy of a not particularly funny or inventive or funny ad. The agency didn’t earn their money on this one. Fact.

  • Matt French

    Sorry, that should have been “Patrice”, not “Patricia”. I was so worked up about this ad that I couldn’t see straight.

  • Les

    Hey Matt, I love this ad because it plays on mishearing of words. This is the sort of thing that the hearing impaired have to live with every day. I know from personal experience. Its good to have a laugh at ourselves and this ad does it for me. I am going to post this ad on deaf blog sites, because I know that they will love it. It may not sell any All Bran, but that is not my purpose. Have a nice day.

  • Sean

    I think there’s a couple of amusing subtexts running through this.

    In my opinion it’s far funnier, simpler and more personal than the corny killer wasps ad.

    For me at least, it’s taking a poke (intentionally or not) at;

    a) those people we’ve all met who seem to need to create drama at every opportunity.

    b) runaway political correctness where the hapless protagonist is left on their back foot trying to defend themselves against claims of harassment that are baseless. I’ve seen this happen!

    But lets not get too heavy. It’s about an ad for pretty ordinary tasting tucker which gives us a chuckle when much of what else on offer is pretty dull, wanky, or arrogant.

    Casting for the 3 parts was spot on by the way.

  • Terry

    The thing that makes me laugh is simply the fact that Jan finds the thought of All Bran being delicious to be so unlikely that she instantly dismisses the claim.

    “All Bran is delicious, you expect me to believe that?”

    Hardly a ringing endorsement for the product they’re trying to sell.

  • Michael

    I like the ad. It’s like a Dilbert Comic where everybody thinks that Scott Adams must work for the company they do. I work with people just like in the ad and it’s hilarious.

  • Stacey

    this add is pretty annoying. but i love the cereal and i call it tall jan instead of all bran, makes me chuckle.