T-Mobile G1 Questions for Google

T-Mobile is promoting the G1 mobile phone’s connection with Google in its first official commercial. Questions asked in everyday life that need to be answered on the spot.

Britt Twins in T-Mobile G1 commercial

Do sharks have eyelids? What’s my carbon footprint? Which way to the convention? Do twins have the same fingerprints? (Is that the Britt Twins?) Can we get a ride-on mower cheaper somewhere else? Do monkeys make good pets? What’s really in a hot dog? Curiosity is everywhere. Introducing the T-Mobile G1 with Google. Get yours exclusively at T-Mobile.

The concept is fine but there’s something missing here. It may be the flat lifeless tone of the voiceover at the end.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Questions campaign was developed at Publicis in the West by chief creative officer Bob Moore, general creative director/copywriter Kammie McCaruther, creative director/art director Stacey Milrany, creative director/copywriter Steve Williams, and senior agency producer Mary Ellen Farrar.

Filming was shot by Stylewar via Smuggler. Editing was done at The Whitehouse Post. Visual effects were developed at Brickyard.