Swatch Winter Seasons in Pop Up Book

Swiss watch company Swatch presents the Christmas 2008 Seasons collection of watches with a Pop-up Book fairy tale, presented in a television commercial and in a downloadable book template.

Swatch Pop Up Book

Men in white enter a white winter scene, bringing cutting instruments to make exquisite shapes in the ground. The heroine enters, dressed in a one piece swim suit, hardly appropriate for the snow. As she walks toward a panel held by the workers she discovers herself wrapped in a dress of white paper. The camera cuts to see the page turn and a landscape rise from the page around her. As the camera pulls out we see that the intricate paper engineered from the workers has created an enchanted Winter Wonderland scene complete with trees, deer and birds. The next page then turns over onto our heroine and she and the other elements intricately fold into each other. We now fully understand that this is a giant pop up book and our scene is a magnificent double page spread within the book! As this scene folds, the watches that appear on the following page rise up into their end positions.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Seasons promotion was developed at Joshua G2, London, by creative director Franco Reda and agency producer Darryl Bolton.

Filming was shot by Harvey B Brown via Crossroads Films, London with co-producer Robert Bray.

Visual effects were developed at Golden Square, London, by lead Smoke artist Aman Kang, Flame artist Andrew Curtis, 3D artists Dave Child and Olly Sullivan, and post producer Rachel Stones.