Suzuki Dirt Bikes Invade Airspace

Suzuki in Australia commissioned a series of in-store posters to promote the Suzuki RM-Z450 dirt bike as the focus of extreme sports, using the tagline, “Invade Their Airspace”. A kite flyer, a parachutist and a pelican each show the evidence of motorbike tyre marks.

Boy holds kite in Suzuki Invade Their Airspace print advertisement

Parachutist in Suzuki Invade Their Airspace print advertisement

Pelican in Suzuki Invade Their Airspace print advertisement

Suzuki Invade Their Airspace print advertisement


The Suzuki Dirt Bikes Airspace campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Melbourne, by creative director Jason Williams, copywriter Andrew Woodhead, and art director David Ponce De Leon, photographer Tim Hall and retoucher Ross Goddard.

“When it comes to dirt bikes there’s nothing that spectators and riders want to experience more than a whole heap of air. We wanted to demonstrate the aeronautical power of the bike, and felt that a prank like this would appeal to the dirt bike fraternity’s sense of humour. The posters also aim to express the sheer feeling of fun and exhilaration that riders experience when they are airborne,” Andrew Woodhead, copywriter for Leo Burnett Melbourne, said.

  • Chris Hocking

    This is great! Should def do well at the international awards. Looks good, simple idea and strong line.

  • I love watching freestyle motocross when they go flying in the air like that, totally insane!

  • nick

    i like the posters for the Suzuki RM-Z450 there a little more unique than normal dirt bike posters and less obvious.