My Super Ad Scam?

It’s three weeks to go before the NFL Super Bowl XLII in Phoenix, Arizona. One ad that won’t be showing on US screens is the Super Bowl Ad being promoted by Mark Timms of

Mark Timms Super Bowl commercial

South Carolina Mark Timms wanted to be in a SuperBowl commercial so much that he came up with the idea of gathering celebrities and companies together to make an indy ad possible. Here’s his video posted on 11 April 2007…

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Mark Timms worked with publicist Evan White and web site designer Robert Howie to set up On YouTube they ran a contest to choose a member of the public to appear alongside internet celebrities in the advertisement. To raise awareness and viral credibility they ran a contest on Fuelmyblog, the prize being a trip for two to Los Angeles to watch the making of a commercial that would run during the Super Bowl in 2008. The competition involved taking a funny photograph, writing a funny blog post, linking it to FuelMyBlog and MyBowlAd, and winning votes. In September 2007 the MyBowlAd team named the winner as Smartie, a blogger from Victoria, Australia.


In October Timms parted company with White and Howie. The YouTube competition was taken off the net. Smartie in Australia discovered that nothing was happening with her promised trip to the United States. Mark recreated the campaign as MySuperAd, hosted at Smartie created a web site to expose the scheme as a scam, My Bowl Ad is a Scam. She found other people involved in the contest to share their concerns on a forum: Mark Timms, Evan White PR, and MySuperAd/MyBowlAd Hate Club at Vote For The Worst.

Continuing Concept

Mark’s concept is a recreation of the Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues music video, using internet stars Judson Laipply, the Evolution of Dance guy, Gary Brolsma, “The Numa Numa Guy“, Sarah Spain, “Super Bowl e-Bay Style”, Naked Cowboy Robert John Burck, Rhett & Link, “Just 2 gyrating dudes”, Dylan the Couch Kid, Justine Ezarik of”, “littleloca” Stevie Ryan of, Chris Thompson of SupRicky’s YouTube

Mark has posted his demo version, using The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power), a song by The Flaming Lips. A woman walks towards the camera holding up placards with well known company logos, dropping them on the ground.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

A number of questions remain…

1. Which company would tolerate its logo being used in this manner?
2. Which company would associate itself with this kind of operation, let alone share in the $2.7 million required for a 30 second commercial?
3. How long before Warner Music is in touch re the Flaming Lips music?
4. Are all of those internet stars really signed up with this deal?

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