Sunsense Prevents Sun Damage

Skin care product Sunsense Anti-Ageing Face Moisturiser (Douglas Pharmaceuticals) was promoted in newspapers throughout New Zealand in 2006 in a print advertisement that responded to the rays of the sun. The moisturiser sold out within a week. The campaign won an Axis award in June 2007. “To see what happens if you don’t protect your skin every day, hold this page up to the sun.”

SunSense Skin ad

When readers held the newspaper page up to the sun they would have seen wrinkles appear, along with the Sunsense bottle and extra copy, shining through from the other side of the page. “Protect your skin with a new combination of anti aging ingredients and SPF30+ to prevent premature wrinkles. Fragrance-free Sunsense anti-aging face moisturizer is only available at pharmacies.”

SunSense Skin ad


The Sunsense advertisement was developed at Special Group by creative director/art director Tony Bradbourne, copywriter Steve McCabe, account director Lexie Ribot and photographer Derek Henderson. Retouching was done at The Lounge.