Stop The Traffik with Giant Fondue Party

STOP THE TRAFFIK are calling people from all countries around the world to unite during last week of November 2008 to celebrate a mutual love for chocolate while at the same time joining together, sharing the message with friends, family and neighbours, calling for the end of child trafficking labour in the manufacture of our chocolate. “Crush the cocoa trade traffickers. Hold a giant fondue party.”

Strawberry Chocolate Fondue in Stop The Traffik print advertisement

“Every day an estimated 12,000 trafficked children are forced to work the Cote d’Ivoire’s cocoa plantations. They receive nothing more than abuse for their long hours of hard labour. This must stop. In the final week of November 2008, we’re holding the world’s largest fondue party to protest against manufacturers who use cocoa farmed by trafficked children. Join in an help us put a stop to this brutal trade.”


The Giant Fondue Party campaign was developed at Leagas Delaney, London by executive creative director Tim Delaney, art director Chris Clarke, copywriter Matt Moreland and photographer Max Oppenheim.

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