Stop Female Foeticide and Infanticide in India

Bhadra Communicatins in Banglore are supporting the campaign for womens rights in India with a print advertising campaign focusing on female foeticide. Jack leads outnumber a female audio cable six to one, seven to one, nine to one. “In 2001 there were just 801 girls per 1000 boys and the ratio is still going down. Stop female foeticide and infanticide.”

Male and female cables used in campaign against Foeticide

In most countries in the world, there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males. However, in parts of India, parents and medical practitioners are using ultra sound technology to ensure that they have a higher proportion of boys being born. Why? In many cases families must pay an expensive dowry when a girl becomes married. Despite Government legislation against unscrupulous test centres, little is being done about the prevalence of female foeticide. Statistics show that the practice is just as high, if not higher, among educated urban families.

Male and female cables used in campaign against Foeticide

Male and female cables used in campaign against Foeticide


The Foeticide campaign was developed at Bhadra Communications, Banglore, by copywriter Siju S Nair and art director Dominic J L Satur.

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  • akshay

    i am very much disappointed that female foeticide is taking place in country

    • pragati singh

      yaaaa gd

  • neeraj

    stopppppppppppppppp femaleeeeeeeeeee foeticideeeeeeeeeeee in indiaaaaaaaaaa pleaseeeeeeeee

  • pragati singh

    stop female foeticides,coz dey also hav rights 2 live like us n u…….

  • sania khursheed

    stop female foeticide….dere iz no HE widout SHE…..:-)

  • priya raghuvanshi

    o plz stop it girls also want 2 live