Stolichnaya Airship Animation

The journey of Russian vodka Stolichnaya to the USA is celebrated in “Airship”, a classic piece of animation from Psyop, London. The 30 second commercial picks up the Stoli Blakberi (blackberry) brand and delivers the goods with the fanfare of vintage Russian propaganda. The vodka is taken from the Kremlin to the Empire State Building, ready to fill the martini glasses of New Yorkers. That very journey is the matter of some importance. In 1972 Pepsico negotiated an agreeement with the USSR government to allow for export of the vodka to the United States in return for marketing of Pepsi in the Soviet republics. Soyuzplodimport (SPI), the Russian company which gained the rights to sell Stoli, came under pressure from the Russian government to return those rights to the state.

Blackberries stowed in airship for Stolichnaya Airship commercial

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The Stolichnaya campaign was developed at Publicis London by creative director Adam Kean, art director Alistair Ross and producer Sharon Joyce.

Filming/animation was directed by creative directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick via Psyop, with executive producers Neysa Horsburgh and Lucia Grillo, producers Mungo Maclagan (Stink) and Luisa Murray (Psyop), technical director David Chontos, lead composite artist Matt Lavoy, CG artists Reeves Blakeslee, Angie Jones, Joon Lee, Grace Lee and Sarah Bockett, 2D artists Chad Howitt, Ash Wagers and Brendan Smith, designer Jon Saunders.

Music is “Stolychnaya Fanfare Chorus No.1” by Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.

Sound was mixed at 750mph, London.

Blackberries stowed in airship for Stolichnaya Airship commercial

via Glossy Inc.