St Bernard Dog carries Financial Times

The Financial Times is using a poster of a St Bernard dog to publicize its position as a trusted source of global business news. The St Bernard dog, with a copy of the Financial Times around its neck, heroically emerges from an Alpine storm, symbolizing the magazine’s provision of expert analysis in troubled times.

Financial Times St Bernard dog

The St. Bernard Dog is named after a the Great St Bernard Pass in the Western Alps, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. A hospice was set up there in 962 by monks led by Bernard of Menthon. Mountain dogs, reputedly carrying casks of brandy, were used to find and support travelers who had been trapped in snow.


The St Bernard poster was developed at DDB London by executive creative director Jeremy Craigen, creative directors Sam Oliver and Shishir Patel, art director Rob Messeter, copywriter Mike Crowe, account planner Lucy Jameson, account director Paul Billingsley, accoutn manager Matt Bundy. Media planners at BJK&E were James Jennings and Emily Rich. Digital Matte Painter Mathieu Raynault was represented by Nina Fallon at Rodeo FX.