Sprint Plug Into Now

Sprint has launched an interactive site designed to show off the tools and capabilities of the mobile brand’s Now Network broadband cards. Plug Into Now is today’s site of the day, now.sprint.com/widget.

Sprint Widgets

Plug Into Now provides over thirty widgets – giving what is claimed to be real-time information, accessing live news feeds, current world population, search engine trends, web cams (Niagara Falls, The Whitehouse), the number of eggs being produced, the rate of production of cars and bicycles, and even the number of people stuck in elevators. Stay around long enough and you’ll hear a female voice encouraging you to interact and admonishing you for your lack of hand eye coordination.

Click on “This Is Now” to go to a new screen – an airport scene – where you’ll be given more details on the benefits of a mobile broadband card.

Sprint Airport


The Plug Into It Now site was developed at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners by executive creative directors Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, creative directors Christian Haas and Franklin Tipton, art director Aaron Dietz, copywriter Mandy Dietz, senior producer Margaret McLaughlin, producer Tena Goy and illustrator Jeff Grunwald.