Specsavers Spoof Barclaycard Waterslide

British spectacles retailer Specsavers was quick to launch a spoof advertisement in response to BarclayCard Waterslide ad launched this month. Just like in the Barclaycard advert, the bespectacled guy strips down to a pair of shorts before choosing his chute for the journey home. But it turns out that he’s not on the ride he thought he was on. Perhaps the crew behind the spoof are picking up on the anomaly noticed by viewers of the original video: the water slider starts with a pair of glasses but has lost them by the time he appears in public.

Specsavers Waterslider

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Waterslide spoof was created inhouse by creative director Graham Daldry, copywriter/art director Michael Hutchinson and Naomi Bishop, producers Lindsay de Sausmarez and Louise Fletcher, director/ediotr Chris Denton. The video was filmed in the the Specsavers Guernsey offices, completed in two days on a shoestring budget.

Music was composed by Simon Bass at Angel’s Egg.

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