Sort of Dunno Nothin Teenage Song Music Video

Australian country singer Peter Denahy has released a very popular music video for his song, “Sort of Dunno Nothin Teenage Song”, a track from his 2008 album, “Picture In A Frame”. Denahy sits at the breakfast table across from a teenage boy, asking closed questions, for which the answers are ‘Yep’, ‘No’, ‘Dunno’, ‘Sort of’, ‘What?’, ‘Nowhere’, ‘No one’, ‘Nothin’. The music video is as much about teenage monosyllable communication as a lack of imagination among adults when it comes to sparking conversation with the younger generation.

Nothing Guy in Sort of Dunno Nothin Teenage Song

Click on the image below to play the video.

The video clip was directed by Ross Wood of 171 Entertainment who hosts Teenage Song in quicktime.

Sort of Dunno Nothin is available for download on iTunes in Australia.

Sort of Dunno Nothin’ – Picture in a Frame on iTunes

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