Song Zu in Sydney and Singapore

Today’s Site of the Day is Song Zu, the sound and music company based in Sydney and Singapore. The site, run in Flash, gives visitors an opportunity to meet composers, sound designers and producers and the company dog, interacting with their tastes and their work. There’s a jealousy-inducing tour of the Sydney studio. All in a playful animal-themed environment. Be ready to launch the site in a new window hosted at

Song Zu Web Site screenshot

Song Zu was founded by Les and Margaret Gock in 1977. They established the studio in McMahon’s Point in 1989. In 1994 they merged with Mark Rivett’s Adelaide company, Rivetts Recording. The Gocks sold their share of the company in 2004 to Mark, General Manager Ian Lew, Creative Director Ramesh Sathiah, and creative director Gerard Fitzgerald.

The Zu Crew

Mark Rivett keeps his hand in the music business singing with the John Morrison Big Band, and playing in his own jazz quartet. Featured on the Song Zu site are four of Rivett’s numbers: Visa Dining Out, Woolworths Chicken, Splenda Love and Purina Fish.

Ramesh Sathiah, composer and partner in Singapore, moved to Song Zu from JSM in New York. He recently produced Grinspoon’s album, Alibis & Other Lies. Ramesh has four of his numbers featured on his profile: Sony Ericsson Talking Music, SIA Space Bed, Adidas Game Time, and Caltex Flies.

Gerard Fitzgerald, composer/partner in Singapore, features Sony Ericsson Squirrel, RSAF I am the Wind, Keppel Bay Reflections and Royal Salute Archery.

Song Zu Web Site screenshot

Lindsay Jehan recently returned to Song Zu after a stint in the USA and UK, moving to Singapore as composer/partner. He has Audi Prepare, Nascar Pitstop, Sprite Pool and Panasonic Guatemala on his profile.

Eden (Martin), composer in Sydney, has Pepsi Samba, Levi’s Type 1 Swap, Woolworths Football and McDonalds Internal Anticipation.

Nathan Cavaleri, composer in Sydney, has Coca Cola Happy Mouth, Dell Yours is Here, Telstra Olympics and SMH Photos.

Haydn Walker, composer in Sydney, has Adidas Together, ARU Men of Gold, Coca Cola Endless Summer, and Lenovo Sumo.

Simon Kane, sound designer, Sydney, features Visa Dining Out, Landcruiser Snakebite, Lexus Alive, and Visa Tuk Tuk.

Rod Enright, sound designer in Sydney, shows RTA Heaven & Hell, Hyundai Birth, Channel 7 V8s, and Levis Sight Unseen.

Dee Gjedsted, sound designer in Sydney, features TDK Female, Honda Blood, Australian Red Cross, and Heineken Keg.

Abby Sie, sound designer in Singapore, is showing Coca Cola Endless Summer, Holden Caprice Puzzle, Sony Home Theatre Rickshaw, and Singapore Navy Stop Dreaming.