Solidarites Water Emergency Equations

Solidarites, a A humanitarian organisation based in France, is using the Titanic, September 11 and Hiroshima disasters to help people grasp the enormity of problems associated with lack of drinkable water around the world. Non drinking water kills 8 million people a year. That’s equivalent to the death toll of the Titanic and the World Trade Centre bombing times 2000. Or the death toll of Hiroshima times 40.

Solidarites Titanic and World Trade Center equation

Solidarites Hiroshima equation

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Equations campaign was developed at BDDP & fils, Paris, by creative director Guillaume Chifflot, copywriter Fabien Duval, art director Fabien Nunez, illustrators Denis Assor and C├ędric Houplain.

Filming was shot by director No Brain.

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