Snickers Powers Gaming in Russia

Masterfood Russia commissioned a series of four television commercials featuring futuristic mechanized sports, powered by the Snickers bar. “Animal Tag”, “Rugby”, were preceded by two earlier spots, “Gliders” and “Robots” appeal to a generation focused on virtual gaming. Each ends with the tag line, “Snickers – Don’t Stop”.

Cheetah and Gnu in Snickers TV commercial

When you are having fun, you get so carried away, it’s like moving to a different reality. If something like hunger distracts you, it takes you out of this fun reality and brings you back to the ordinary. Snickers does not let hunger do that and thus allows you to keep playing.

Animal Tag

Two bio-mechanical animals, a gnu and a cheetah, participate in a cinematic chase through the busy streets of Toronto.

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Robotic rhinos and buffalos play rugby with the sounds of the New Zealand haka, running through an abandoned Arizona airfield.

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A pod race that could have come out of Starwars: The Phantom Menace wreaks havoc in the city. It looks as though it’s all over for one of the players until he recharges with a Snickers bar.

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Robot Soccer

Two robots play Robosoccer, their version of football, using the walls and streets of the city to get their kicks.

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The Snickers Gaming campaign was developed at BBDO Moscow by creatives Andrey Ivanov and Nick Megvelidze and agency producer Anna Yakanina.

The two creatives appear on a store sign in second 13 of the Tag spot as well as on the t-shirt of the Rugby hero.

Filming was shot by directors Alex & Steffen (Alexander Kiesl and Steffen Hacker) via Spy Films, Toronto, with director of photography Maher Maleh, executive producer Carlo Trulli, producer Peter Oad.

Post-Production was done at Unexpected, Stuttgard, by VFX supervisors Alex & Steffen, VFX artists Alexander Kiesl, Gereon Zwosta, Jörg Häberle, Sebastian Badea, Claudius Urban, Emil Stefanov, compositors Steffen Hacker, Claus Rudolph, Alexander Börger, character designers Sebastian Badea, Felix Mertikat.

Music and sound design were done at Supreme Music.