Smoking Statutory Warnings

Smoking statutory warnings are collected together to provide a sense of perspective for smokers in India, in an advertisement for Cancer Patients Aid Association. Messages include: Fumar causa cancer de boca e perda dos dentes, Smoking seriously harms you and others around you, Fumar causa impotencia sexual, Smoking causes mouth diseases (Australia), Smoking kills, Smoking can cause a slow painful death (Australia), Rauchen lasst Ihre Haut altern, Smoking when pregnant harms your baby, Smoking causes gangrene (Australia), Smokers die younger, Smoking causes lung cancer, heart diseases, Emphysema and may Complicate Pregnancy, Smokers die younger, Cigarettes are heartbreakers, Smoking kills, Smoking causes ageing of the skin, Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health, Smoking seriously harms you and others around you, Smoking causes fatal lung cancer. The final panel in black has the text: “Smoking causes blindness. Cancer Patients Aid Association”

Smoking Statutory Warnings


The Smoking Statutory Warnings campaign was developed at Lowe, Mumbai, by creative director/copywriter Priti Nair, art director/designer Virendra Vilankar, account executive Satish Ramanathan and photographer Madhur Shroff.

The advertisement won a Silver Clio award in 2007 for public service in print poster categories.

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