Smith and Nephew Innovation in Motion

Smith and Nephew, a British medical devices company, is advertising artifical body parts in a television and online campaign perfectly timed to be associated with the Paralympics. The visual effects rich commercial features computer generated athletes performing in the disciplines running, climbing, surfing, swimming, skiing, golf and soccer. It’s a campaign designed to appeal to younger generations with a focus on active lifestyle.

Swimmer with artificial knee in Smith & Nephew commercial

“We are a generation of doers, a generation that never met a challenge it couldn’t run, bike, or climb over. So for us, Smith & Nephew introduces the next generation of joint replacements: highly advanced hips and knees, engineered to meet the needs of your high performance life, each made to endure, like the highly adventurous spirit of our generation. The Birmingham hip resurfacing system is a clinically proven alternative to total hip replacement that helps you keep more of your natural bone. The Journey Deuce partial knee is a bone preserving alternative to total knee replacement designed to feel and perform like a normal knee. There are potential risks with any surgery. Recovery takes time and depends on factors like activity levels, weight and age. Ask your doctor which implant is right for you. Log on now to learn more. Peak performance powered by smith & nephew.


Click on the image below to play the video. (High Definition)


The Innovation in Motion ad was developed at Ogilvy, New York, by group creative director Jonathan Isaacs, creative director Tracy McFarlane, associate creative director Lisa Savage, executive producer Melanie Baublis, executive group director Chris Beeby, management supervisor Keith Higbee.

Filming/animation was shot by directors Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth, at Psyop, with producer Michael Neithardt, assistant producer Tarun Cahraipotra, project lead Florian Witzel, CG artists Alvin Bae, Jan Bitz, Jae Ham, Miguel Salek, Jeff Dates, Rich Magan, Jacob Slutsky, Jason Vega, Goo-Shun Wang, Lee Wolland, storyboard artist Ben Chank, software developer Andreas Gebhardt, after effects developers Doug Purver, Jason Conradt and Elliot Blanchard.

See the ad in high definition at Mate Steinforth’s Vimeo channel. Making of video at Vimeo, edited by Jae Ham, on Mate Steinforth’s page dedicated to the Smith & Nephew project.

Music and sound design were provided by Q Department.