Smirnoff Water Sculpture

Smirnoff launched an integrated advertising campaign demonstrating the ‘extraordinary purity in every drop’ with a set of three liquid sculptures by photographer Martin Waugh. Three photographs showing water in the shape of martini, highball and whiskey glasses are being used on advertisements on billboards, bus wraps, and glossy magazine spreads. Each ad includes the responsible drinking web site,

Smirnoff cocktail liquid sculpture by Martin Waugh

Smirnoff filters its vodka ten times and distills it three times. The creative team asked Waugh to visually convey this purity. Trained in physics, Waugh sculpted splashes by accurately aiming and releasing them with precise timing equipment.

Smirnoff whiskey liquid sculpture by Martin Waugh

Smirnoff highball liquid sculpture by Martin Waugh


The Smirnoff Water Sculpture campaign was developed at JWT London, by creative directors Anita Davis and Jonathan Budds, creatives Darren Keff and Phillip Meyler, account director Jamie Cowen, media planner Michael Rhodes, planner Alnoor Ladha, art buyer CoCo Weir, with photographer Martin Waugh (Liquid Sculpture).

According to CoCo Weir, art buyer, JWT, “Waugh’s striking liquid photography conveys both purity and a touch of whimsy. It was a perfect fit for this ad campaign.”

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