SJD in Beautiful Haze Music Video

New Zealand band SJD (Sean James Donnelly and band) produced a music video for their single, Beautiful Haze, a track from the album Songs From A Dictaphone. The SJD band is made up of Sean singing, playing bass and commandeering the laptop alongside Dominic Blaazar (keyboards), Chris O’Connor (drums & percussion), James Duncan (guitar), Paul Mclaney (acoustic guitar & backing vocals)and Sandy Mill (vocals). See SJD’s MySpace site.

SJD Beautiful Haze music video

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming for Beautiful Haze was shot by director Lawrence Blankenbyl via The Sweet Shop, with director of photography Ginny Loane. Visual effects were composited in Flame by Paul Dickson from Perceptual Engineering.

Lyrics for Beautiful Haze

It might be nice to smash the state
but it’s getting late
mostly I’m just working for the man

It might be good to tell the boss
that I don’t give a toss
and to stick his lame arse job
but I’m not sure that I can

The universe is mostly fine with me
It seems to the only place to be

Wake up from your beautiful haze
Rise up smash your beautiful chains
Climb out of your beautiful maze
Rise up! Rise up!
Come down from your beautiful tower
You know you won’t make beautiful remains
All that’s left is a beautiful hour
but it’s hours hours.

I sit here listening at 5.1
when the day is done
I look around at everything and it’s all good

I nailed my to the lunchroom door
make love not war
They say just do it
I just did it and it seemed I really cool

Just a puny guy on a blue green wall
Got no problem with that at all