Siren Robots on Mars Planets

Mars Planets are available in a time and space occupied by robots with a need for creativity. That’s good news for the robots, and good news for our time and space, according to an animated TV advert recently released in Europe. A work environment dominated by baring sirens is transformed when a group of robots share their Mars Planets with one of the loudspeakers. The foghorn becomes a funk horn. “Soft, chewy and crispy Mars Planet. Mix it up!”

Mars Planets Robots


The Mars Planets campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, by copywriter Prabhu Wignarajah and art director Jeremy Tribe.

Animation was directed by Pierre+Bertrand (Bertrand Bey, Pierre Ducos) via Not To Scale, London with producers Gin Godden and Kat Hara, models and lighting artist Joan Ponds, animatics artists Charles Blanchard, Eve Chauvet, Mehdi, Clement Richard, animatics and rigging specialist Damien Ferrire, and compositor Adam Janezek.