Sim2 Movies on a Wall Near You

The Sim2 Projector is being promoted in a series of bare walls in Australia, linking well known movies, The Passion of the Christ, Titanic and Fight Club, with the state of the walls. “Titanic. Now showing on a wall near you.” “The Passion of the Christ. Now showing on a wall near you.” “Fight Club. Now showing on a wall near you.”

Sim 2 Titanic print advertisement

Sim 2 Passion print advertisement

Sim 2 Fight Club print advertisement


The Sim2 Walls campaign was developed at The Furnace, Sydney, Australia, by executive creative director Rob Martin Murphy, art directors Jay Furby and Paris Giannakis, copywriter Andrew Allsop, photographer Kata Bayer (ProductK) and typographer Greg Boulting.

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