Sensi Soft Classified in Flash

Sensi Soft,, today’s Site of the Day, is a global services and software company specializing in classified advertising solutions. The company, based in Poland, focuses on providing database solutions for online companies such as Friday, using PostgreSQL, Python, Django and Ubuntu. The Sensi Soft site is basically the PR wing of the company, giving potential customers a way of exploring their services in an interactive way.

Sensi Soft Paris

At the heart of the site is an information pillar, holding posters and notices. “About Us” is set in London 1880, with the sounds of horses, the London Tower and Big Ben in the background. Travel in time to Moscow in 1920 to explore Sensi Soft’s usability audit, generalist and vertical platforms, and jobs platform. Existing customers are highlighted in Chicago 1940 at 3.55 am. Downloadable resources are available in Paris 1970. The method is explained in Barcelona, 2008. To contact the company, you need to be in Tokyo in 2030.

Sensi Soft Moscow

Once you’ve worked out what the site is for, Sensi Soft site is interesting enough to keep you looking around for a while. The sense of dynamic movement give you the feeling of moving through time. The choice of five cities provides an international feel to a company who, while based in Warsaw, are connecting with the world.

Sensi Soft Chicago

One of the weaknesses of this kind of site is the lack of searchable text. Try doing a search for “our company is called Sensi Soft” in any search engine. That’s one of the few distinct phrases in the “About Us” section that can be identified as distinctive. It’s included in the downloadable pdf but is not likely to be found on the internet. Which is a pity as Sensi Soft offer what they call “search engine optimalization” to their clients.

Sensi Soft Barcelona

Despite being high end on graphics, the site seems to be quick to respond. All the interactivity is based on the pillar in the middle, though the pieces of paper floating around in the background keep the user wondering if there are Easter eggs that could provide a little entertainment on the side.

Sensi Soft Tokyo


The site was designed in Poland at Endorfine, with design and illustration by Pawel Nobert (HelloColor!)

Members of the Sensi Soft team with blogs are Hubert (Depesz) Lubaczewski (in English), Rafal (Bluszcz) Zawadzki (in Polish) and Jarek Zgoda (in Polish).

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