NZ Post Send And You Shall Receive

NZ Post launched a campaign in 2007 encouraging New Zealanders to get in touch by mail. The three videos find ways in which people are brought together, accompanied by One Day by New Zealand band Op Shop.

NZ Post Reconciliation


Spurred on by the words of a nurse at his child’s birth, a man seeks reconciliation with his father.

Amy’s Letter

An executive is reminded of what really counts in a letter from his daughter.

Cinderella’s Filofax

Not a glass slipper but a Filofax (diary) gives a man and woman a second chance at meeting.


The Send and You Shall Receive campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand by executive creative director Mike O’Sullivan, creative director/art director/copywriter Tim Hall, copywriter Peter Loveridge, account directors Cameron Harland and Jane Manthel, and agency producer Anna Kennedy.

Filming was shot by Gregor Nicholas via Flying Fish with director of photography John Toon and producer Mark Matthews. Post production was done at Park Road Post.

Reconciliation was filmed in a Karaka farmhouse, the Waitakere Hospital and a house in Te Atatu. Cinderella’s Filofax was filmed at the Mac’s Brewery Bar in Newmarket, Auckland and a house in Westmere.

Opshop - Second Hand Planet - One Day

One Day by Opshop

Absence make her heart grow fonder
While I’m conquering the last frontier
Lately I’ve found myself wonderin’ out loud
Wonderin’ what I was doin’ here

One day you’ll understand how much you have me
One day you’ll realise we have it easy
I can’t offer you the future – I don’t know it myself
All I can offer you is me
I’m all I can offer you right now

Patience make her heart grow stronger
Reassure her she’s where I want to be
Never was the grass ever greener
I’m about ready as I’ll ever be



I’m all I am
All I am, yeah


Absence make her heart grow fonder
While I’m conquering the last frontier